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March Flower Of The Month Is The Euphoric Aquamarine Blue Hydrangea!

The beautiful Aquamarine gem is associated with courage, loyalty, and long lasting friendships. Aquamarine heightens awareness, communication skills and quick responses. It symbolizes honesty, faithfulness and beauty. The word Aquamarine is made up of two Latin words:  ‘aqua’ or water and ‘marina’, the sea.

The virtues of the aquamarine are sensitivity and a bit of mystery. It is said to promote talent and resilience. Those who are born in the month of March tend to live out their dreams and turn fantasy into reality. Pisces are incredibly adaptable to any challenging situation and take life head on with a positive attitude.

Our Euphoric Aquamarine Blue Hydrangeas make the perfect spring addition to any decor. Our luxurious blooms heads are the epitome of happiness that imitate the color of sea and air creating a tranquil atmosphere. 

Our Hydrangeas are handpicked at the peak of the bloom and delicately preserved to keep the incredible long lasting beauty of the flower. 

Our Hydrangeas are Allergen-Free allowing people who suffer from pollen allergies to still enjoy real flowers. Best of all they are Maintenance Free so they do not need to be watered. We do not use Pesticides so that our Hydrangeas have a lasting beauty for up to one year.

The Euphoric Aquamarine Blue Hydrangeas will create an unforgettable display! Order yours today!

Create a long lasting memory with our Euphoric Aquamarine Blue Hydrangeas. Give the gift that creates the Tranquil Essence of Sea and Air with the hint of Spring. Make the moment last all year! Order Now.