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About Us


We are a team of professionals who are dedicated to capture nature's beauty so that our clients can enjoy the beauty that lasts. From selecting the roses and hydrangeas of best qualities from the farms in Colombia to designing the arrangements and specialty boxes, every step is taken care with attention to detail and dedication to deliver the best. 





We have our own Research & Development team, which allows us to capture the flowers’ beauty as is – unaltered texture, shape, feel, brightness, and even fragrance! Our clients will enjoy the high-quality flowers that will accompany their special moments such as anniversaries, weddings, events, etc.




There are over three hundred species and thousands of cultivars of roses. Of the many different kinds, the Empress Floral's roses are extraordinary in their shapes and sizes. A bit larger and longer outer petals compared to the inner petals and their inward curvatures make gorgeous cupped bloom roses. Our roses are like a full moon which are blossomed to their fullest, living their most elegant moments. 






Our goal is for us to do all the hard work, so that all our clients have to do is enjoy. With our flowers, there is no maintenance needed. You don’t have to water them. You don’t have to pot them. Simply, place them in your favorite place. Our design team is doing its best to ensure the flower arrangements meet our clients’ elegant tastes.